SGAL 30th anniversary

SGAL – Alta de Lisboa – celebrating its 30th anniversary


How it all began and where are we going to

It has been 30 years since one of the geatest projects arose in the Portuguese capital. Alta de Lisboa is an enterprise which includes 300 hectares intended to 65 thousand inhabitants.This challenge came up with the aim of being a special place to live, work, relax or enjoy youself in Lisbon. It´s a new urban area located in the North of Segunda Circular and south facing Portela Airport. Alta de Lisboa is in the extension of the large avenues of the city, in the northern part of Campo Grande and following Avenida da República.
Its history begins in 1984,through the cooperation between the city council as a public entity and SGAL, investment manager of Alta de Lisboa, as a private company, established after an internacional call for tenders.


A major-scale project

It had never been designed a project with this dimension and at this scale before. At the present time, it comprises two parish councils: Santa Clara (the result of the union of Ameixoeira and Charneca parishes) and Lumiar.
The territory of Santa Clara parish is in the old “saloia” area which provided the city with its farms and crops in the fields until the first decades of the XX century. It is now a dynamic parish with a growing population such as Lumiar parish, created on the 2nd of April 1266. It is one of the 53 parishes in Lisbon and the one with the highest population.


Playing the role of urbanizing company

In the near future, SGAL has already defined some areas for the construction of offices, hotels and a shopping center. In this moment we have about nine spots for commercialization with all the plots approved. The searching for national and foreign promoters who believe in our project to invest in it is the focal point of the preset administration of SGAL. Our main aim is to be the great urbanizing company of Alta de Lisboa. Our strategy is to stimulate and value the territory so that the promoters bet in the project and turn it into the new living excellence center in the Portuguese capital.