About SGAL


The Alta de Lisboa was first developed in 1984, the same date that SGAL and the companies which comprise it, signed a contract with the City Council of Lisbon, after winning an International Public Invitation to Tender.

The Alto Lumiar Urbanisation Plan (PUAL) was approved by the Municipal Council of Lisbon on July 18th 1996 and June 16th 1997. It was ratified during a Ministerial Council Meeting on September 24th 1998 [Ministerial Council Resolution No 126/9, published in the Diário de República (Portuguese Official Gazette) on 27/10/98].

Stanley Hung Sun Ho

Pansy Catilina Chiu King Ho
Vasco Esteves Fraga
Dionísio Pereira Vinagre
António Cândido de Sousa Fernandes


Founded on June 20th 1984, SGAL is the result of an association between key entities in the construction and investment sectors..

The SGAL shareholder structure is comprised of the following entities (alphabetical order):

Banco Espirito Santo
Central de Aplicações, SGPS, S.A.
Grupo Edifer
Guinor, Companhia de Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, SGPS, SA.
STDM, SA (Macau)


The Alta de Lisboa brand sets out to achieve a broad range of objectives, our mission and the entire strategy of the project in which we are involved.

The Alta de Lisboa brand was created at the beginning of 2000 and at the time, the intention was to delineate the natural counterpart of the “Baixa de Lisboa” (downtown Lisbon), with the city which was expanding to the north, the Alta (uptown) area.

And so it was that the area acquired a name, but it was fundamental for the area to have a unique identity, to encourage a sense of belonging. It was necessary to transform a vast area comprised of three different parishes into a space with a simple and common identity.

In 2008, we changed. We renovated and introduced the concept of the neighbourhood.

Underlying this change, we have highlighted the characteristics of those who live there, visits or is somehow connected to the area. Pride, dignity, charisma, identity, character, life, history, tradition and glory are the values of our neighbourhood, the values of Alta de Lisboa.