The project


Alta de Lisboa is located in the extension of the Avenida da República, in the northern area of the city, between the Lisbon airport and Lumiar.

The main link with the centre of the city will be through Campo Grande, passing through an enormous roundabout under the Segunda Circular, followed by a wide avenue that crosses Alta de Lisboa up to the Rotunda Norte (North Roundabout), connecting to the Eixo Norte-Sul (North-South Axis).

A second important access route starts from the Eixo Norte-Sul (North-South Axis), either by the Rotunda Norte (North Roundabout) or the Rotunda Poente (West Roundabout), both of which have already been concluded.

A third access route is by the Avenida Santos e Castro, an avenue with six lanes, which runs west of the Airport, between the Segunda Circular and the Eixo Norte-Sul (North-South Axis). 

Finally, Alta de Lisboa offers a variety of access routes through the consolidated urban area of Lumiar. 


The land division defined for Alta de Lisboa involves a planning process from the foundations for all the uses of the area.


60,000 inhabitants is the number which summarises the dimension of the city of Lisbon which was born here. This is a place intended for those who look for the best life has to offer, every day. This is a city planned to the smallest detail, so that everything necessary to increase the quality of life for those who live in such an area, graced by nature, is available.  

 Alta de Lisboa provides a coherent urban choice: residence, business, services, hotels.  An urban enterprise of quality: in road and transport infrastructures, in green parks and social, sports and leisure facilities.

 Alta de Lisboa is a place where it is possible to have everything. Close to home.


Alta de Lisboa is gifted with a complete set of urban facilities which enhance city life.

A project with the dimension of Alta de Lisboa necessitates a broad range of facilities, which in our case goes beyond the existing ones in the remaining part of the city and are as follows:

Pedagogical Facilities * Constructed Foreseen Total
Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 6 4 10
Pre-school and primary school – 1st cycle 4 3 7
Primary school – 1st, 2nd & 3rd cycles 6 3 9
Secondary school 4 2 6
20 12 32


Heath Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Health Centre 1 2 3
Haemodialysis Centre 1 1
Continuous Care Centre 1 1
2 3 5


Sports Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Indoor Pools 2 2
Sports Centre ** 3 4 7
Small playing field 5 2 7
Major playing field 4 4
2 Football Pitches – Sports Complex
Moniz Pereira Athletics Track
Informal Sports Activities at Quinta das Conchas
12 8 20


Social and Cultural Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Leisure activities ** 3 3
Day Centre 3 6 9
Nursing Home 1 6 7
Library 1 1 2
Training Centres 3 3
Interpretation Centre – PAAL 1 1
Children´s playground 1 1
Cultural Centre 2 2
Art Workshops 2 2
Warehouse 1 1
9 22 31


Playground Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Children´s & Youth Parks 15 9 2
15 9 24


Prevention and Security Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Ameixoeira Fort 1 1
Central Service of Traffic Police and Police Station 1 1
Police Force (PSP) Station 1 1
Lisbon Volunteer Fire Fighters 1 1
Fire Fighter Battalion 1 1
3 2 5


Religious Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Parish Church of Charneca 1 1
Parish Centre 1 2 3
2 2 4


Other Facilities Constructed Foreseen Total
Jesuit Services to Refugees 1 1
Retail Market 1 3 4
Telephone Switchboard 1 1
Equipment Shed / Maintenance Post 3 2 5
Support Building to Parque Oeste / Vale Grande 1 1
Power Substation 1 1
7 6 13
* Includes the Colégio São João de Brito (College), Colégio São Tomás (College) and Colégio Santa Doroteia (College)
** The Community Development Support Centre integrates a Sports Centre and After School Recreation Centre and Kindergaten.


Innumerable new infrastructures were created in Alta de Lisboa, such as the Eixo Central (Central Axis), the third largest avenue of the city.


At the basis of the Alta de Lisboa Project is the allocation of land for the construction of a broad range of infrastructures, of which the following are under construction:

Eixo Central (Central Axis) - South Gate Section(connection to the Segunda Circular) / Av. Nuno Krus Abecassis

South Gate - First Phase

Avenida Santos e Castro - Connecting the South Gate to the North Gate

Completion of the connection between Av. Mourão Ferreira and the Eixo Central (Central Axis)