Urban Planning


The Alto Lumiar Urban Planning (PUAL) was approved by the Municipal Council of Lisbon on July 18th 1996 and June 16th 1997. It was ratified during a Ministerial Council Meeting on September 24th 1998 [Ministerial Council Resolution No 126/9, published in the Diário de República (Portuguese Official Gazette) on 27/10/98].


At the beginning of the XXI century, Lisbon’s historical route to the urban perimeter of the North had yet to be completed. The Alta de Lisboa.

Alta de Lisboa spans an area of approximately 300 hectares north of the Segunda Circular and west of the Portela Airport. It would be the living, planned and dynamic conclusion of a modern capital looking towards the future.

Alta de Lisboa has a varied and complex urban fabric, with different typologies, from blocks of houses to blocks of flats, services, businesses, social structures and vast areas for leisure.

 This is a place where work and leisure are part of daily life without changing the daily routine.