Alta de Lisboa Creates Incentives for Sustainability

The SGAL – Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa is proud to participate in the installation of electricity production systems through solar energy (photovoltaic panels) in the Jardins de São Bartolomeu Condominiums in Alta de Lisboa, by the initiative and under the responsibility of the Condominium’s Administration.

This pioneering plan, part of the “Renewables on Demand” programme, encourages the micro-production of electrical energy using renewable resources and aims to reduce functioning costs (consumptions) and create revenues (production) since the first year of function.

With this programme, which is responsible for the placement of 16 solar panel units, the condominium will transform itself into an energy producer, contributing, in this form, to the fulfilment of the national objectives for use of renewable energies and reduction of the greenhouse effect. The production of approximately 80mWh/year avoids the emission of 38 tons of CO2 equivalent.

The project was developed in accordance with the LeaderA system criteria of the Instituto Superior Técnico, and fulfils one of SGAL’s objectives: transform Alta de Lisboa into the first “neighbourhood” in Portugal with environmental certification and quality certification. The major initiatives for the obtainment of the environmental certification concentrate on the fulfilment of the new legislation regarding the energy certification of buildings and the encouragement of the 3 R’s – reuse, reduce and recycle – with particular emphasis on the reduction of consumption and reuse of natural resources.