Alta de Lisboa Shines at SIL

SGAL, Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa, presented its new image, marking its presence in the 2008 Edition of SIL – Real Estate Showroom of Lisbon. With a completely new image of the Lisbon Neighbourhood, this is the 10th consecutive year SGAL participates in this important even for the sector. This year, it helped to promote the new image of Alta de Lisboa.
Various components were part of the space created by SGAL for this fair, such as: An institutional area with a model of Alta de Lisboa; a product area with the presentation of Condomínio do Parque and Jardins de S. Bartolomeu; a projection area and an interactive area (virtual floor which transforms through movement).

Some of the principle objectives in SGAL’s participation in SIL were to present projects, some concluded and others under construction and to reveal its clear commitment to modernity.

For all the interested parties or for those who were just simply curious, SGAL prepared a stand which demonstrated the present and the future of this important urban project, which attracted the highest number of visitors at the fair.

In an event which was marked by the absence of some promoters, Alta de Lisboa proved to be a solid, consistent project, with sound planning, and definitively the best bet on urbanism in the city of Lisbon.