Alta on Google Earth

Alta de Lisboa is already available in a 3D version in the popular software for geographical visualisation, Google Earth. This initiative, promoted by SGAL – Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa, enables its users to view a three-dimensional vision of Lisbon, giving its buildings a more realistic perspective with increased detail.

Through this innovative software, it is already possible to visualise the main buildings that comprise the 3D version of Alta de Lisboa, namely all of the constructed ventures, Parque Europa, Parque Lisboa, Quinta das Conchas, Páteo São João de Brito, Colina São João de Brito, Parque São João de Brito, Condomínio da Torre, Colina de São Gonçalo, Condomínio do Parque and Jardins de São Bartolomeu, as well as the existing facilities, such as Colégio de S. Tomás, the Football Pitch and the Athletics Track.