Decisive Year for Alta de Lisboa

2008 will be a decisive year for Alta de Lisboa, and will mark the opening of new cycle in the entire project. SGAL will reaffirm its strong conviction in its singularity and commitment to its realisation.
We are well aware that there is still more and better work to do. To start, there is an enormous challenge in recreating the project’s reputation, repositioning it to focus on its assets and strengths, so that the image we want is that of Alta de Lisboa. It is also our firm intention to enrich and diversify the city option we are developing, qualitatively encouraging new agents with business, social, educational and other vocations to come into the area.

We also intend to confer SGAL greater acting effectiveness and efficiency, mainly with regard to the final product and the quality of the service provided, developing all possible efforts to surpass limitations and less positive aspects. Naturally, the permanent and ready cooperation of the Lisbon City Council is indispensable for the realisation of this project. The Lisbon City Council is an essential partner in the project, so that the capacity for execution, which SGAL intends to give the project, can be presided over and accompanied by the decision-making and acting capacities of the City Council. Only with the joint working of these contributions will it be possible to construct the City we all want.

The finalisation of the construction of the new Lx Condomínio (Condominium Complex) will occur in 2008, as well as the commercial launching of the venture “Casas do Parque”, situated in Zone 6 of the Alta de Lisboa Urbanisation Project (PUAL) in front of the Parque Oeste, which will have 494 homes, and the commercial launching of another housing venture in Zone 5. Also, the offices and the commercial area of Zone 5, the area surrounding Zones 32 and 33 and the offices and hotel in Zone 22.1 will undergo significant development through the establishment of strategic partnerships.

Four new projects of land division
We will accompany together with the City Council of Lisbon, the following land division projects, whose construction is foreseen to begin in 2009/2010:

  • By Architects João de Almeida and Pedro Ferreira Pinto for Zone 16 in the Alta de Lisboa Urbanisation Project (PUAL).
  • By Architects Carrilho da Graça in Zone 17.
  • By Architect Silva Dias in Zone 23.2.
  • By Architect Álvaro Siza Vieira in Zone 18.

Access Routes
After the inauguration of the Eixo Norte-Sul, which substantially improved access to Alta de Lisboa, in 2008 we will make an added effort to complete the following roadways:

  • Finishing of the new Av. Eng. º Santos e Castro (which has almost been concluded and is waiting for the Lisbon City Council to make lands available, which is believed to occur in the near future).
  • Development of the Eixo Central or Passeio de Lisboa, which will be the most important structural urban road in the Project, but which is also dependent on the City Council making land available.

Beginning of the Porta Sul (South Gate) or Nó de Calvanas construction, next to the 2ª Circular, which is only awaiting the decision from the Lisbon City Council, is one of the most important Alta de Lisboa Projects. An extensive endeavour, it was projected to serve as the springboard for urban regeneration in the area between the 2ª Circular and Campo Grande, as well as the connection between the Alta and the Baixa, making it possible to cross the city from Alta to Baixa in a few minutes.

In 2008 we will continue our commitment to generate lasting benefits for the people and institutions of Alta de Lisboa, while respecting the traditions, the culture and social values. Therefore, we will develop actions to strengthen and deepen our relationships with our Clients and with all those who live in Alta de Lisboa, improving communication, making our services faster and more efficient, actively contributing to the satisfaction of our Clients. We are focussed on and intend to reinforce the commitment of realising a Project which contributes to environmental protection in general and the climate in particular, continually cooperating with Partners and Clients, informing them of our projects, practices and results in the environmental area, aiming to reach high degrees of environmental certification. We want to deepen together, with all the inhabitants and institutions of Alta de Lisboa, in a near future, questions related with the Project. Therefore, we will promote communication initiatives and debates to such an effect.

We want a dynamic, informative, involving and visible Alta de Lisboa. A conscientious city, with respect for the environment, sustainable and differentiated, creating conditions so that Alta de Lisboa has the reputation and visibility it deserves. We reiterate our commitment to do everything in order to strengthen the Alta de Lisboa as a different and unique urban project, due to its singularity and incomparable diversity as a city, which can provide quality living in the Capital, thus strengthening the credibility of a project with a bright future.