Eixo Central Takes Shape

The construction of the future Eixo Central in Alta de Lisboa is in progress. Measuring 3.5km in length, this will be one of the main roads in the city of Lisbon.
The first phase of this project is already under way, with the land movement of the future Eixo Central, from the 2ª Circular to the Avenida Maria Helena Vieira da Silva. By the end of the year, work on the drainage network and road – east lane of the southern section is foreseen.

When concluded, the Eixo Central will connect the Eixo Norte-Sul to the 2ª Circular, and will be fundamental in increasing the flow of traffic in the capital.

The urban furniture of the avenue was designed by the architect and designer, Daciano Costa, born in Lisbon and who passed away in 2005.