New Parque Oeste

The new Parque Oeste in Alta de Lisboa was officially inaugurated Saturday July 29th in a ceremony which included the Mayor of Lisbon, Carmona Rodrigues and the Councilman of the Environment and Green Spaces, António Prôa.
The new urban park, now open to the public, is the result of an intensive regeneration intervention of a space that was taken for granted. In the initial phase of the project, concluded in April of this year, an area of 7.4 was renovated.
The Lisbon City Council considers this park to have important ecological value. Parque Oeste possesses an ideal location, in a valley, allowing for the retention of rainwater, which is later used in the lakes, for lawn irrigation and the sustainable maintenance of the park. “One of the priorities of this endeavour is the rational use of water and the new park is an example of sustainable conservation” said Councilman António Prôa, adding that the objective was providing the (growing) population of Alta do Lumiar with green and sports areas.

Since the beginning of the month, the maintenance of the park is the responsibility of the municipality, and two more phases of regeneration are planned. These should be concluded in 2008.