New Pre-School and Sports Complex

Alta de Lisboa has, as of this Tuesday, a day-care centre and a kindergarten managed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia (Social Work Organisation) and a Sports Complex for the thousands of inhabitants of this new neighbourhood which was born in the capital.
With almost 24.000 inhabitants, Alta de Lisboa will soon have to host more than 40,000 people and, therefore, the municipality decided to construct new sports and leisure facilities in the area.
The Mayor of Lisbon, Carmona Rodrigues, signed three protocols attributing the management of the new sports complex to two clubs of Alta de Lisboa, the Águias da Musgueira and União Desportiva da Alta da Lisboa, and the management of a day-care centre and kindergarten with a capacity for 130 children, to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia (Social Work Organisation).
In accordance with the protocols, the two clubs will jointly manage the sports complex, together with the City Council of Lisbon. It consists of two synthetic turf football pitches, constructed by SGAL – Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa, S.A and delivered to the City Council of Lisbon in accordance with their partnership with them.

The Sports Complex of Alta de Lisboa was also planned for other sports, such as gymnastics, boxing, basketball, handball, volleyball and many others which are practised indoors.

At this moment, a new indoor facility and a swimming pool with three water levels is under construction.

Other than sports structures, Alta de Lisboa will have two urban parks, one with almost 24 hectares and a lake, as well as the PSP police station, located in Parque Europa, to be officially inaugurated at the beginning of the second semester of the following year.