Poetry in Parque das Conchas

Eight lusophone stone benches were inaugurated in the Parque das Conchas.
These eight stone benches contain verses from eight different poets, one from each Portuguese-speaking country. There are poems by Fernando Pessoa (Portugal), Corsino Strong (Cape Verde), Xanana Gusmão (Timor), Arlindo Barbeitos (Angola), Pascoal D’ Artagnan Aurigemma (Guinea Bissau), Francisco José Tenreiro (Tomé and Príncipe), Mia Couto (Mozambique) and Manuel Bandeira (Brazil) regarding the theme, Loving the Sea. This initiative by SGAL – Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa and the Foundation Paço d’ Arcos (FPA), intends to give the city a cultural appreciation, especially in such an increasingly important area, in addition to endowing the space with a collective memory of our common Lusophone heritage.

Also in a final agreement phase with the Foundation Paço d’ Arcos, is the borrowing of its art collection which will be on display for some years in a gallery to be built in the Parque das Conchas. The project and area of the future gallery will still be defined this year.