President Visits C.S. Musgueira

The President of Portugal will visit the Social Centre of Musgueira Wednesday, October11th at 11 o’clock in the morning. The visit is part of the 3rd Jornada do Roteiro para a Inclusão (Inclusion Guidelines), which includes the presentation of the K’CIDADE project (Urban Community Support Programme), lead by the Aga Khan Foundation, whose programme includes social intervention in the Alta de Lisboa neighbourhoods.
The Centre for Community Innovation of K’CIDADE is located in the heart of Alta de Lisboa, in the Condomínio da Torre, and is comprised of stores ceded by the City Council of Lisbon. The stores have the following functions and features:

    • Public attendance services;
    • Development of community activities
    • Administrative space for support to the field team
    • Training room
    • Support to associations/partnerships
    • Support to the realisation of ideas and other community projects, in function of the needs identified by the community
      The Centre for Community Innovation of Alta de Lisboa also offers residents a digital space and a training room, where the following activities occur:
    • Training and certification of basic of computer skills
    • Initial and advanced training of new technologies
    • Training for small local businessmen to optimise their business through the use of new technologies
    • Internet access, accompanied by specialised monitoring
    • Computer use for the completion of school projects and other activities /li>
    • Use of educational software (encyclopaedias, language courses, dictionaries and other multimedia contents).