PSP Police Station at Alta de Lisboa

Last Thursday, January 19th 2006 the construction of the future Alta de Lisboa PSP Police Station was granted to the company Tanagra, Lda. The start of construction is scheduled for the 30th of this month and the estimated construction time is 18 months.
Located in Zone 1, along the Avenida Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, it has a construction area of approximately 4,200m2 on four floors, three of which are above the ground. The upper floors gradually narrow, creating a visual which makes the building look less massive.

In terms of functional organization, the entrance hall divides the ground floor in two autonomous areas: on one side the sub-unit of the Local Station and Accidents Brigade and, on the other, services related to the Command, which expands to the upper floors. In the basement there is a gymnasium, as well as a shooting range and garage.