Area 10


architectural excellence


Land with 12.337 sqm of gross construction area are distributed as follows : 6.000 sqm for a Hotel and 6.337 sqm for offices.


This area is intended for a Hotel. It have a maximum above-ground construction area up to a maximum of 6 floors.  Half of this area is allocated to offices.


 2ª circular across Eixo Central and Av. Santos e Castro.Eixo Norte-Sul, West entrance. North Gate, connect Eixo Norte-Sul, Av. Santos e Castro and Eixo Central..


This area is located next to the Eixo Central, Avenida Carlos Paredes and  Rotunda dos Corvos, right in the middle of our territory. 



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A Alta de Lisboa tem um campo de futebol certificado pela FIFACampo de Futebol
A Alta de Lisboa tem um perímetro superior à cidade de CoimbraDimensão
As zonas verdes da Alta de Lisboa equivalem a 100 campos de futebolZonas Verdes

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