Regeneration of Public Space

Expecting to consolidate the public space of Alta de Lisboa, SGAL is carrying out projects of regeneration in several zones with specific intervention measures.
Next to the Parque S. João de Brito, remodelling and regeneration of the exterior arrangements are taking place, with a substantial improvement of the green zones, which contribute for more pleasant surroundings.

In the Av. Helena Vaz da Silva, the projects involving the sidewalks and public illumination are nearly finished.

Also in progress is the planting of trees and the treatment of arrangements in the Av. Eng. Krus Abecassis and in the Praça Central and Jardins de S. Bartolomeu, as well as in all of the surrounding area of recently constructed homes destined for the residents of the current Calvanas neighbourhood.

The roundabout next to the Carris installations is also being renovated, in view of the preparations for the work on the Eixo Central.

In addition, the opening of Rua H-1 was finally authorised by the Lisbon City Council, which is located next to the Quinta das Conchas and extends along the entire length of the Quinta, creating conditions so that one more regenerated urban area in Alta de Lisboa can be enjoyed.