SGAL Wins 2010 SIL Prize

SGAL – Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa was present at the 13th Edition of SIL – Real Estate Showroom of Portugal, which took place between October 21st and 24th at FIL (Lisbon International Fair), having been awarded the distinguished award of Best Project of Urban Development in Portugal.
Alta de Lisboa is an example of urban planning which was first developed in 1984, the same date that SGAL, as a private company, signed a contract with the City Council of Lisbon, as a public entity, after winning an International Public Invitation to Tender. The project covers an extension of 300 hectares in the City of Lisbon, and was planned for 60,000 residents, including a vast range of services, facilities and green spaces, focussed on modern and sustainable urban planning. It is entering a finalisation phase of the key infra-structures, such as the Eixo Central and its connection to the Segunda Circular and the conclusion of the final sections of the Avenida Santos e Castro. Currently, the population is approximately 30,000 inhabitants who can count on the services of 3 underground stations, 2 large parks, one of the parks, with 26 hectares, being completely new, sports facilities, pitch and track for athletics, a modern police station and an extensive road network. Alta de Lisboa is the new neighbourhood inside the city, thought and designed from the ground up using the human dimension as the fundamental and inalienable rule, focussed on the quality of life for the people.