The Progress of Infrastructures in Alta

Approximately 9 months after the first stone was laid, the new PSP (Police Force) station is in an advanced stage of construction. It is already possible to distinguish the volume and dignity of this new facility.
With a construction area of approximately 4,200m2 on four floors, three of which are above the ground and a set of structures including a gymnasium and a shooting range, the future PSP police station is foreseen to be concluded by the 2nd trimester of 2007.

Aware of the necessity of providing the area with modern facilities for the population, SGAL has been committed to concluding these construction projects in a timely manner, which has indeed occurred. An example of this is the Musgueira Health Centre which has been passed over to the ARSL – Administração Regional de Saúde de Lisboa (Regional Health Administration of Lisbon) since July 2007.