Visit by the Mayor of Lisbon

The Mayor of Lisbon, António Costa, and Councilmen Manuel Salgado, Jose Sá Fernandes and Cardoso Da Silva visited some of the road infrastructure construction sites and public spaces in the Alta de Lisboa area on February 12th. Parque Oeste, the Avenida Engº Santos e Castro, Eixo Central and Rotunda das 5 Vias were the places which the Council committee, accompanied by the SGAL Technical Committee paid special attention to.
During the visit, Mayor António Costa announced that the expropriation process in Alta de Lisboa was near finalisation. This will enable the conclusion of two main road infrastructures of the area, Avenida Eng.º Santos e Castro (construction suspended since 2004) and Eixo Central (closed in some points of its course for the same reasons).

The tour began near Parque Oeste, whose conclusion is foreseen for June 2009, a green space endowed with 26 hectares of area. This broad green area will have an extensive lake acting as a basin for rainwater drainage, along which there are ponds. Within the same area an athletics track has been completed. The visit continued through the three road infrastructure construction sites, Parque Oeste, the Avenida Engº Santos e Castro, Eixo Central and Rotunda das Cinco Vias. These constructions guarantee the sustainability of the ventures of large service centres, which will be the financial anchor of the entire area.

The North and South extremities of the Avenida Engº Santos e Castro, which have been pending the acquisition of land parcels by the City Council should be concluded eight months after the resolution of some issues, namely with the connection to the roundabout near the Porta Sul (South Gate), in Calvanas, where the Eixo Central also converges, the access routes to the Segunda Circular and, under this, the connection to the Avenida do Brasil, Campo Grande and Alvalade, thus more efficiently connecting Alto do Lumiar to the rest of the city. Short-term, however, the conclusion of this Avenida will avoid traffic having to cross the two concluded roadways.

All of Alta de Lisboa will be crossed by the great Eixo Central, 70 metres wide (roughly the same as the Avenida da Liberdade), the natural continuation of the historical route of the city that has developed from the Baixa to Campo Grande, through the Avenidas da Liberdade and da República, and is the structural road of this entire urbanisation. This construction started in 2008 and its conclusion is foreseen for 2011. Its three sections total approximately three kilometres, connecting the Rotunda Porta Sul (Segunda Circular) to the Rotunda Porta Norte (North Gate roundabout) (Eixo Norte- Sul). A substantial part of this work, extending 1300 metres, is already in course and should be ready by November. It will be 70 metres wide, with a 30 metre wide central garden equipped with urban furniture, two lateral roadways, each with three lanes, 10 metre wide lateral sidewalks up to the building fronts on each side, a biking circuit along the entire length and marked sidewalks for the visually impaired.

The City Council visit ended at the Rotunda 5 Vias, whose construction began in early February. This infrastructure will help resolve traffic issues in the crossing of Avenida Eugénio de Andrade and Avenida Álvaro Cunhal, with Rua Helena Vaz da Silva, with Rua General Vasco Gonçalves, with Rua Arnaldo Ferreira, near the Condominio das Conchas and Páteo João de Brito in Alta de Lisboa. The merging of five roads made it one of the most difficult traffic areas in Alta de Lisboa. This construction was undertaken by SGAL, under the contract with the Lisbon City Council. Its conclusion is foreseen for April of this year.