Visit Parque Oeste

Alta de Lisboa welcomes Spring with the opening of Parque Oeste, a green space with 19 hectares and unequalled landscape architecture. As of this Sunday, all are invited to know and enjoy this new green hub in the capital.
With modern architecture and an extensive green carpet, Parque Oeste hosts a vast range of spaces to relax and spend time with family. A long lake crosses the space, with an open invitation to morning or afternoon strolls. The new urban park is the result of an intensive regeneration intervention of a space that was taken for granted. With an important ecological value, Parque Oeste possesses an ideal location, in a valley, allowing for the retention of rainwater, which is later used in the lakes, for lawn irrigation and the sustainable maintenance of the park.
Based on modern urban planning, completely new in planning and construction, Alta de Lisboa already has a population of almost 30.000 inhabitants, who can count on the services of 3 underground stations, 2 large parks, one of the parks, with 26 hectares, being completely new, sports facilities, pitch and track for athletics, a modern police station and an extensive road network.. The new Lisbon-style neighbourhood presents unique avant-garde urban characteristics and has been planned to the smallest detail, with the intention of pleasing the inhabitants who are looking for the ideal place to live in the city of Lisbon.