World Tree Day

With the ever present objective of creating public spaces and high quality green zones to improve the microclimate, increase the urban comfort and our sensation of well-being, SGAL – Sociedade Gestora da Alta de Lisboa, on March 21st 2007, World Tree Day, decided to plant 100 trees of 7 different species in various locations in Alta de Lisboa – Av. Nuno Krus Abecassis, Av. Sérgio Vieira de Melo, Av. Melo Antunes, Rua Tito de Morais, Av. General Vasco Gonçalves, Rua António Lopes Ribeiro and Rua Mário Castrim.
This initiative with the participation of the Lisbon City Council/UPAL, Department of Urban Hygiene of the Lisbon City Council, as well as the Alta de Lisboa Centre for Social Promotion, made possible by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia (Social Work Organisation) and Centro Social da Musgueira (Social Centre), aims to make people aware, especially youth, of the importance of trees in the balanced development of a city.

Through trees we are able to connect with nature, obtain colour variations, form and texture that enrich and add aesthetic value to buildings and the urban space. They offer CO2 fixation and O2 production, reduce wind, increase shade and atmospheric humidity in the summer, decrease energy consumption and reduce pollution. For these reasons, in Alta de Lisboa, 1/3 of the area is covered with green spaces, these being divided into the following groups:

  • 3 Large Parks – 512,185 m2
  • Parks of average size, gardens and landscaped areas – 69,195 m2
  • Protection to the roadways from traffic – 121,360 m2
  • Green spaces resulting from the implementation of buildable areas, occupying public places or framework areas of buildings.

Relative to the three large urban parks, they are as follows:

  • Parque Sul – 7.6 hectares
    Designed by the Spanish architect Isabel Aguirre, it is part of the entrance of the urbanisation, involving the initial section of the Eixo Central and will have an emblematic and formal character. It will have two fields for rugby and easy accessibility, either by car or by public transportation, including pedestrian and cycling circuits which connect to the remainder of the city. The start of construction is scheduled for the end of 2007.
  • Parque Oeste or Grande Vale– 24 hectares
    Designed by the Spanish architect Isabel Aguirre, it is the largest new urban park in the urbanisation and one of the largest in Lisbon. It is already partially constructed (almost 10 hectares), constituted by two distinct areas, one dedicated more to informal recreation, marked by a great central lake, which also has a function of controlling and minimising environmental impacts and the other is dedicated more to sports where an athletics track is to be constructed. Its conclusion is scheduled for the end of 2007.
  • Parque das Conchas and Quinta dos Lilases – 22 hectares
    Being an existing park, it constitutes a space with great play and recreational potentialities, where the great central lawn, the bush and the area corresponding to Quinta dos Lilazes is highlighted, and is of a more intimate nature. It was the object of an intense regeneration realised by SGAL, as a project of the Lisbon City Council.